About The Inspector and Technicians

NRVIA Certified Inspector and RVTAA Certified RV Service Technician Kevin Gleason

Inspecting RVs Throughout the Central U.S.

Certified RV Inspector Kevin Gleason

Kevin’s Inspector and Technician Qualifications

Kevin understands how important it is to assist you with purchasing the right RV for your budget. To best do that, Kevin has continued his professional education and earned his Certified RV Service Technician rating with the RVTAA, with additional Solar and Generator certifications (including NPS inverter generators) and plans to gain enough experience to become a Master RV Technician and Master RV Inspector. He takes pride in always accomplishing his mission.

RV Technician Ann Gleason

Ann’s Technician Qualifications

Ann is a registered RV Service Technician in her own right. As a professional educator she has the proven ability to listen to and train clients of all experience levels. Ann is also furthering her professional education by working toward her Certified Inspector and RV Service Technician credentials.

  • RVTAA Registered RV Technician
  • Protected by General Liability Insurance
  • Adheres to all of RVTAA’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Follows all applicable guidelines per state.
National RV Inspectors Association NRVIA
National RV Training Academy
RV Technician Association of America
RV Inspectors Ann and Kevin

Kevin & Ann’s Background

Throughout Kevin’s 20-year career in the U.S. Army as an M1A1 Abrams main battle tank Master Gunner, one of his primary duties was to identify and troubleshoot complex malfunctions that occur in the tank turret electrical, hydraulic, armament, and fire control systems.

As a Certified RV Service Technician and Certified RV Inspector, Kevin is uniquely qualified to bring his battle-hardened skills to the forefront of identifying and troubleshooting the complex malfunctions that occur in the electrical, hydraulic, water, and appliance systems of modern RVs.

Kevin loves the attention to detail he and Ann bring to their inspections and they’ll help you get on the road! He also wants to help clients avoid getting RVs with a lot of issues that they will have to sink a lot of money into.

Ann has been a public school teacher for 25 years. She loves teaching/educating new RV owners. She is a Registered RV Service Technician through NRVTA. Ann will be assisting Kevin with inspections, as well as maintenance and repairs.

Time Off with Kevin and Ann

Kevin and Ann love traveling the country in their RV. They enjoy meeting and helping people in the many campgrounds they frequent, as well as sharing Kevin’s love of nature and the great outdoors.

Kevin considers himself to be a student for life. He can usually be found with a book nearby. Kevin also enjoys working out and challenging himself both physically and mentally, as any good Drill Sergeant would.

Ann and Kevin have 11 years of RV experience. Kevin has 31 years of experience in living and surviving in the great outdoors.

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